Tiffany in Bloom: Stained Glass Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany

Pony Wisteria Lamp. Tiffany Studios, c.1902-1910. Leaded glass, bronze.

Collection of The Cleveland Museum of Art. 

Included in the exhibition are period photographs and accounts of Tiffany's artisans that provide a glimpse into his shop and studio. Tiffany's method of design, production, and marketing; his reliance on women designers, such as Ohio native Clara Driscoll; and his alliances with both his father’s firm (Tiffany & Co.) and his European counterpart Siegfried Bing (Maison de l’Art Nouveau) lift the curtain on Tiffany’s special brand of artistic creation and success. Masterworks such as the Wisteria, Peacock, Bamboo, and Peony lamps highlight important thematic groups that focus on Tiffany's many stylistic influences, from Asian to Art Nouveau. The stained glass techniques used by Tiffany’s artisans reveal the firm’s unparalleled standard of quality and the designer’s love for the infinite possibilities of iridescence, texture, and color in manipulating light.

Most of the works in this exhibition recently joined the museum’s collection through the generous bequest of Charles Maurer, a Cleveland industrialist and renowned collector of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany in Bloom celebrates this extraordinary gift by providing an unprecedented opportunity to view so many of Tiffany’s great lamps together in a veritable bouquet of splendor.

Explore digital 3-D models of two lamps on view in Tiffany in Bloom. Visitors can activate animations to watch the Peacock Table Lamp transition from oil to electric light or see the Peony Lamp on a Bamboo Base rotate its shade from a daytime to nighttime version. The Cleveland Museum of Art is located at 11150 East Boulevard, in Cleveland, Ohio.