Favrile Glass Bud Vases

Pair of Bud Vases

Blue Favrile Budvase

Gold Favrile Budvase


The decorated Favrile glass bud vases are available as a pair or individually.  Each vase has a trailing vine decoration, with iridescent highlights.  The blue vase is inscribed: L.C.Tiffany Favrile 219G-1.  Height: 6-1/4".  The gold vase is inscribed: L.C.Tiffany Favrile 7645. Height: 5-3/4".

Price: Inquire at info@teamantiques.com, or call (914) 686-8147.


Eidelberg, Martin & McClelland, Nancy. Behind the Scenes of Tiffany Glassmaking. St.Martins Press, NY. 2001. pps. 91, 222 (similar vase).