Pine Needle Desk Set in Patina Finish


Etched Metal and Glass is recognized as the first pattern produced by Tiffany Studios, and includes items with a Grapevine or Pine Needle motif.  A scarce amount of these pieces are stamped T.G.& D. Co., the logo of the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, which preceded Tiffany Studios.  Additionally, some items bear the stamp from Tiffany Furnaces.  The Pine Needle pattern is created as acid eats through the thin metal to create the filigree. The Pine Needle motif incorporates straight lines that come together to suggest pine needle clusters. Most pieces consist of slag glass that is sandwiched between two pieces of etched metal and held in place by a channel that is soft-soldered at corners.

Some pieces, thought to be made earlier, incorporate beading along the edges. Due to its popularity, a wide variety of items were produced in both Etched Metal and Glass patterns.  The above set includes: two-compartment letter rack, inkwell with glass insert, utility box, seal, rocker blotter, and cigarette box.  Each piece is stamped: TIFFANY STUDIOS/NEW YORK and numbered. Pieces are available as a set or individually.  

Price: Inquire at or call (914) 686-8147.