Spanish Desk Set


The Spanish Pattern is held in high esteem amongst the various Tiffany Studios desk set patterns.  The heavily constructed pieces are gilded with recesses frequently blackened and occassionally tinged with red and green tones.  They are all sculptural and richly detailed, with the primary motif being midieval in character.  Fanciful animals, decorative foliage, and symmetrical designs are creatvely interwoven.  While creatures are interpreted whimsically, more realistic elements include male busts, urns, flames, and androgenous youths.  There were about thiry items produced in the Spanish Pattern. 

The letter rack is unique with its arabesque design element.  It is richly decorated with fantastical dragons, a male bust, two young nudes, latticework, and a parquetry-type border. The inkstand has two winged creatures in high relief and a reticulated lid that references a tile roof.  The utility box lid similarly references a tile roof, while its side panels have a male bust set within a midieval flowing foliage design. The paper clip features a flame and urn.   All items are stamped: TIFFANY STUIDOS/NEW YORK and numbered.

Price: Inquire at, or call (914) 686-8147.