Venetian Desk Set


The Venetian pattern, with references to classical design, is of exceptional quality and detailing.  Similar to the Abalone pattern, the Ventian pieces were only produced in a gilt bronze.  The easily recognizable characteristic of this pattern is the edging band of ermines and verdue in deep relief.  The flat surfaces are embellished with a design that resembles tooled leather and frequently has either polychromed or blackened recesses. Venetian was one of the largest of the desk sets, with at least thirty-eight objects.  Only the Etched Metal and Glass and Zodiac patterns surpass this number of items.

The Venetian pattern, considered to have been introduced in 1908, was in production for many years.  Almost all the surfaces are elaborately decorated, except for the tray troughs and ashtray bowls. The panels of the letter rack are also left unadorned, as these would normally be covered with papers.  The top of the notepad holder has the unique and functional lid hinge and hasp.  Blank surfaces are avoided in this pattern, as even the weighing surface of the postage scale has the tooled leather motif.  All pieces are stamped: TIFFANY STUDIOS/NEW YORK and numbered.

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