NY Historical Society: Gallery of Tiffany Lamps

Gallery of Tiffany Lamps  NY Historical Society


The New York Historical Society houses one of the world's largest collections of Tiffany lamps, acquired as a gift from collector Egon Neustadt in 1984.  The 132 lamps include rare examples, such as the Cobweb, and iconic shade models including the Wisteria, Dragonfly, and Magnolia.  The lamps on display are supplemented by working drawings, glass sheets, and tools used to create the famous leaded glass shades.  Gallery of Tiffany Lamps offers visitors an opportunity to view 100 illuminated lamps that are dramatically displayed in a "jewel-like" setting. The exhibition space spans two floors, and includes an interactive "Design-a-Lamp" experience, where visitors can try their hand at infilling a digital leaded lampshade frame.  Adding extra depth to the exhibition is the historical context of the talented women who helped elevate the artistic elegance of Tiffany Studios objects.