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Everyone knows the beauty and value of Tiffany glass lamps, vases and windows. But few know that the masterful pieces fron the Tiffany Studios would not have been possible without Arthur Nash, developer of the now-priceless Favrile glass, and his son Leslie, director of the Studio's division of glassmaking, pottery and enamel. Leslie's memoirs, along with notes and references, tell the unfiltered and refreshing story of the Studio's heyday, and substantially expand our knowledge, and his photos comprise the largest collection of here-to-fore unseen images of the studio's earliest pieces. This historical find is an event in the decorative arts world and will appeal to both collectors and museums and those who use e-bay and watch "Antiques Road Show."

About the Authors:

Martin Eidelberg is a professor of art history at Rutgers Univeristy and a widely acknowldged expert on TIffany Glass.  He is the author of or contributer to numerous books on twentieth-century decorative art.

Nancy A. McClelland isi the former INternational Head of Christies Decorative Arts Department.  During her twenty years at Christie's, she presided over many record-breaking sales and private collections of Tiffany.  

Publisher:  St. Martin's Press in association with Christie's Fine Arts Auctioneers, NY. 2001.