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Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933), heir to the jewelry fortune, was the most publicized American artist and designer of the early-20th century. He oversaw creation and production of 22 distinctive patterns of bronze desk accessories, an outgrowth of his thriving lamp business. Today these are among the most desirable and easily identifiable, yet least expensive of Tiffany objects. This comprehensive reference provides a history of Tiffany the man and of the wonderful desk sets produced by Tiffany Studios and Tiffany Furnaces; describes each pattern; illustrates representative examples; and lists the hundreds of known pieces with model numbers and price ranges.  Available for purchase through Team Antiques.

About the Authors:

George Kemeny, was educated at Carnegie Institute of Technology and the University of Pittsburgh.  He is collector as well as an appriaser of Tiffany desk accessories and other art objects. 

Donald Miller, who has degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, is the retired art and architecture critic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  He has written five monographs on art and archtiecture. 

Publisher: Hudson Hills Press, NY. 2002. 120 pages.