Abalone Desk Set


The Abalone Desk Set is named for the abalone shell disks incorporated into the design motif. The patterns consists of stylized vines, leafs and grapes, intertwined with etched linear recesses and ridges.  The abalone shell discs suggest the grape clusters, and the number of clusters depends on the surface available on the item.  A two-compartment letter rack will have five panels of decoration, while an inkwell has one panel on each face. The set was produced in a gilded bronze, and frequently with a brassy appearance.

Some pieces have polychromed colors within the grooves.   Approximately fifty different pieces were produced in the popular Abalone pattern, and it has retained its desirablitlity over the course of time. The set pictured above is composed of: two-compartment paper rack, rocker blotter, ink stand with clear glass insert, and a stamp box.  All pieces are signed TIFFANY STUDIOS/NEW YORK and numbered.  

Price: Inquire at info@teamantiques.com or call (686)-8147.